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Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh

Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh
Name: Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh
Hacked/Remaked by: CarlosZA
Based on: Pokemon Diamond
Source link/Author’s Website: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-58942/diamond-desafio-sinnoh
So in this game, hmm I think it’s a hard version for Pokemon Diamond but ??? I try to play over 30′ but I don’t see.. :)) so so but I actually read more and more features in the description so I think we should play more and you can see… Many Pokemon have new abilities, new moves and maybe new type, You can complete National Pokedex in this game, Gym Leader and some trainers will have a team of 6 pokemon, some evolution chain is changed.. and the author actually gave documentation for you when you play this game. Yeah, if you download on my website, you can get it. I actually compressed it into the game.

Now the different routes of Sinnoh have a great variety of wild Pokémon, enough to complete the National Pokédex, except for some legendary ones (Guide attached with the Rom).
Coaches now have more varied and complex teams, and some employ certain strategies.
Gym and High Command leaders have a full team of 6 Pokémon, and employ advanced strategies, have egg movements and synergies between them.
Some Pokémon have changed their Evolution method (Guide attached with the Rom)
Some Pokémon have changed their type (Guide attached with the Rom)
Many Pokémon have new abilities and new attacks that are learned at a high level.
The Pokémon that evolve by Friendship appear in the wild with 140 of friendship base (instead of 70).
The pokémon that require an object or stone to evolve usually have it equipped when capturing them.
Some attacks have changed their Power, Accuracy or Type (Guide Attached with the Rom)
The internal exchanges of the game have been modified, and the received Pokémon have equipped event objects (Member Card, Letter from Prof. Oak, Blue Flute)

Final Update:
Great general adjustment. Now, it is easier to be up to the standards without being unfair.
Now all the teams in the league are carrying an object specifically designed to surprise (many of them showdown, really). However, it will not be unfair, they are usually berries, remains, lives or rocks for climates.
He has tried to fix the bug that some pokémon learn all the MOs, but I could not. It does not break the game too much, so He’s going to leave it. It’s very funny to have two Bibarel with all the MOs, really.
He has removed or added some of the new attacks that many Pokémon learn to adjust to league level (64-70).
He added the Sinister type to Zangoose.

Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh

Cheat Code for Drastic:
UsrCheat.dat for Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh
Download Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh Final (Completed)

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