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Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts

Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts
Name: Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts
Created by: DrawnToast
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=418671
Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts by DrawnToast, it’s Fanmade game on PC.

So in this game, you will like it because Pokemon will follow you.. haha :))) it’s similar to pokemon heart gold and soul silver. Then, maybe a great feature is zodiac signs… hmm it’s a great feature with some people but with me… hmm I don’t actually like it. The starters are from Gen 7 with New Storyline and the new map. But the graphic looks like pokemon fire red :)))) lol.. maybe you will be boring if you play pokemon game on GBA more times. And more and more features…

Ok, It’s completed game and just for PC, Windows OS

Skilled Mode – Optional method of playing where enemy Pokémon are scaled depending on your team! Wild Pokémon are affected, too.
Grinding spot – A Trainer in the Battle Company in Sparkpaku City can be battled once daily with two Blissey! Great for grinding!
Friendship Checker – Call them anytime on the Pokégear, to check if your Pokémon’s friendship levels!
Mach Pizza – A pizza delivery service that will deliver HP-restoring pizza anywhere you are!
The Move Master – Can be called anywhere and can relearn moves, delete moves, and change nicknames!
The Guide – Can be called any time. He will tell you where to go next if you’re lost or forget where to go.
Advanced Pokédex – Will let you see all info on Pokémon you’ve caught, such as its Abilities, area, and evolution, and more!
Zodiac Signs – All Pokémon have Zodiac signs which can be used to help inside or outside of battle!
Following Pokémon – Enjoy your journey with your buddy following you!
Quicksave – Quicksave the game anytime, quickly! Default key is ‘V’. Can be changed in Options menu.
Controls Menu – The in-game controls can be edited to your liking anytime!
Wild Pokémon may have their Hidden Abilities.
Many Pokémon had edits to their movesets. To view these changes, check the “Advanced” tab on the Pokédex!
Many different TMs are available now!
Send your Pokémon on explorations to get rare items!
New items, such as Tropical Drinks and Pocky!

April 9th Update
– Fixes level scaling issue early in-game in Shore City.
– Fixed issue where you would get stuck after entering the Champion’s Room.
– Fixed Mimikyu’s Disguise ability not working properly.
– Fixed music not matching while in Sparkpaku City.
– Changed path in Orchid City.

Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts

Download Pokemon The Light in Our Hearts April 9th 2019(Completed)

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