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Pokemon Swore and Shilled

Pokemon Swore and Shilled
Name: Pokemon Swore and Shilled
Remake/Hacked by: Manekimoney
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=419640
It’s Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA…. by Manekimoney. It’s Based on Pokemon Fire Red.

hmmmm Ok, hmmm maybe it’s not a real pokemon Sword and Shield. Hmm This game has a name is Pokemon Swore and Shilled… :))) haha…. With 151 Fakemon are made by Paint… hmm I think :))) it’s so so poorly drawn hmm so fun. That’s all :)))) …. hmnm You can have Car in this game… haha.. with New Music, I actually hear when I have a battle with Brock. Tons of edited text in this game, HMm maybe you can read, it’s so so fun and it’s joke game. More and more features are in this game and I can’t tell.

And the, It’s actually completed game. If you don’t want to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield and you want to play now, freely. :))) Let’s go and download it.

-151 new poorly drawn Pokemon, including the horrific abonimations that are supposed to resemble Sword and Shield starters!
-A whole new Galar region to explore, that is definitely just barely edited Kanto, but cheaply renamed at certain spots, where I remembered to do it!
-A whole new story that is a complete disgrace to the Pokemon franchise as a whole!
-Some new definitively imbalanced moves and some rebalanced old moves and moves from never generations!
-Some new bad music
-Not including Z moves, Mega Evolution, offical Pokemon,phsyical and special split and a battle frontier!
-A whole Pokedex, catchable in a single playthrough!
-There are slight item changes like Revives being unusable in battle, cuz pansies like to spam Revives!
-Tons of edited text except where I didn’t feel like doing it!
-Slightly or massively, depending on your prefference increased difficulty that definitively didn’t give me trouble, when I found out that my whole team is weak against the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of the region, that you see a bit in the late game, which resulted in having to replace a team member with a Pokemon, that could counter it. This might also be because I never grinded in my playthrough!
-Your bike is now a car!
-A superboss if you catch 60 Pokimonseses after beating the Pokemon Leauge and access to the last Pokemon in the regional Pokedex
-Absolutely no changes to almost any routes A completely redesigned map to looks pixel perfect, to the map in the Sword and Shield trailers!

Known bugs (at least the ones that matter):

-Talking to the “Snorlax” Pokemon results in what appears to be a freeze at the first glance.
However, the game will advance normally, if you press the R button, to bring out the help menu (you know, that useless feature that no one uses) and then close it.
So don’t worry. It’s not a softlock.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Swore and Shilled

Download Pokemon Swore and Shilled v1.1 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Swore and Shilled v1.1 Cia (Completed)

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