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Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese

Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese
Name: Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese
Created/Made by: qnguyen
Source link/Author’s Topic: http://www.poke-mega.org/forum/showthread.php?67324-Pok%C3%A9mon-Emerald-Vi%E1%BB%87t-h%C3%B3a-(b%E1%BA%A3n-ch%C3%ADnh-th%E1%BB%A9c)
Yeah, Today, We will play a GBA Rom. Yeah, it’s Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese by qnguyen… ok, let’s seeeee

in this game.. yeah, maybe you can see, it’s similar to pokemon white Vietnamese or black 2 Vietnamese. The language in this game is Vietnamese :))) that’s all… LOL……. hmm no way… I just kidding you.. you can get more and more without Vietnamese. You can have some pokemon from gen 4 with mega evolution for your rivals :))) and you can’t use it…… YEAHHHH, moew moew shit… you can’t have it haha…. with PSS System and Fairy Type are actually included in this game. So I highly rate this game because this game doesn’t translate about the name of moves.. That’s good :))) I like it.

Ok, If you like Viet Nam or maybe you want to learn about Vietnamese, you can play this game… and I want to play more games with more languages such as Thai or korean.. or Portuguese … if you have any original pokemon game with new language… so you can give it to me.. I will play it.. :))) thank you!

Fairy type
PSS System
New Moves
Some Pokemon are from Gen 4
Mega Evolution for Rivals
New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese

Download Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese (Completed)
Download Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese CIA (Completed)

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