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Pokemon Emerald Double Edition

Pokemon Emerald Double Edition
Name: Pokemon Emerald Double Edition
Remake/Hacked by: Saiklex
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=403158
We will play Pokemon Emerald Double Edition. It’s based on Pokemon Emerald by Saiklex.

Yeah, Do you know about the double wild pokemon, triple wild pokemon or maybe horde encounters available in pokemon x/y and up to now… Yeah now, maybe you can have that features in GBA rom. And with this game, you can face double wild pokemon. :)) that’s all. That is a great feature in this game… Maybe this game has Physical/Special Split, Fairy Type, new moves and abilities… more and more…

So, it’s completed? yup, It’s actually completed with emerald storyline and maybe harder and you can catch all 386 pokemon with more secret extras… ?? secret extras???? hmm :)) it’s an event to catch legendary pokemon.

Double battles everywhere! Every trainer completely reworked, with interesting (but still theme-consistent) teams, using a much greater variety of Pokemon!
Double wild battles in almost every location! (Except the water. Oh.)
A steeper level curve, to make the games a fresh challenge. Expect level 40s by the 4th Gym!
Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade- Physical/Special split, Fairy type, up-to-date moves/abilities/learnsets and more
Super tough main-character battles that challenge you with advanced moves and techniques, from Gym Leaders, your rival and Maxie/Archie!
An extra starter, Eevee, with methods provided early on to evolve, including Umbreon and Espeon!
TMs, especially double-centric moves, is now available early on in Pokemarts, and are now infinite use
General avoidance of HM requirements except for Surf, Dive, and Waterfall (7.8 too much water), especially in the late game
Rematches with Gym leaders have been enhanced for the post-game, and you can find Maxie and Archie… somewhere!
386 version, with every single Pokemon available to obtain (breeding/evolving still required).
Secret extras!


All Eevee evolution methods can be found in Dewford Town in one of the houses.

Mew- Pyre Tower
Mewtwo- Scorched Slab (Route 120)
Entei- Place the meteor back at Mt. Chimney
Raikou- Turn on the generator at New Mauville
Suicune- Go get the Scanner on the Abandoned Ship
Lugia, Ho-oh and all starters- A secret island around Route 129-131
Celebi- Petalburg Woods
Latias/Latios- Sky Pillar as random encounters.
Deoxys- Meteor Falls (Bagon room)
Jirachi- White Rock in Mossdeep City
Hoenn starters- Smeargle Cave.
Moltres Fiery Path
Articuno Shoal Cave
Zapdos Roof of Lillycove

A secret rematch with Maxie and Archie- Smeargle Cave.
Known bugs:
U-turn does not work! To do with the battle engine, cannot fix. Please save often!
When you enter a double battle with only one Pokemon (in your party or not-fainted), the game will either clone your only Pokemon or bring a fainted Pokemon into the battle (who can’t attack or gain EXP). Finishing the battle will enable normal progression
The bag sprites are glitched permanently. Cosmetic only.
When fighting a single trainer, if both you and your opponent lose a Mon, then when you put your replacement in, it says “enemy trainer sent out your Pokemon.”
Not all normal rematches are in. Okay, not a bug, and something I might change one day, but not for now.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Dardusk

Here’s a spreadsheet with all new Pokemon locations
Download Pokemon Emerald Double Edition v1.2 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Emerald Double Edition v1.2 CIA (Completed))

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