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Pokemon Blue Idro

Pokemon Blue Idro
Name: Pokemon Blue Idro
Remake/Hacked by: Ninentales93 and Half Shadow
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: click here!
We will test about Pokemon Blue Idro… Hmm yea, Thanks Half Shadow for hacking this game. hmm Yeah, in this game, LOL so you know I try to play this game because I see this game has a new title and new intro and Blastoise…

hmm Yeah you know, I don’t want to hear.. ENGLISH? But this game i think it doesn’t have more change about it. It’s similar to Pokemon Fire Red but with Italian. And i can’t see new features in this game. Yeah Then, I try to read the source link…. So you can have something, maybe heavenly cave redesigned for blue, ingame exchange for the Japanese blue, Japanese blue casino prize, … And i think that’s all.

– The intro with Jigglypuff instead of Nidorino
– The screen titles with the name VERSION BLUE HYDRO and Blastoise and in the background of the bubbles
– Heavenly Cave redesigned to resemble that of Blu
– Ingame exchanges of the Japanese Blue
– Japanese Blue casino prizes
– I pokémon wild are adapted to be likely those of the Japanese Blue
– References to the version say Blu Idro and the names of the character and rival are arranged accordingly

Cia file is for Nintendo 3DS!

Pokemon Blue Idro

Download Pokemon Blue Idro Beta 1 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Blue Idro Beta 1 Cia File (Completed)

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