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Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Remastered

Name: Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Remastered
Remake by: Sakakii
Remake from: Pokemon FireRed
Source – credit: click here!
Kanlara is the region where you were born. You spawn here, and you meet up with your childhood friend and rival. You are informed that the Professor wants to see the both of you.
At the Lab, Professor Woke lets you know that apparently, Kanlara is under attack by a group known
as Team Rocket.
You recieve your first Pokemon, and together you and your rival set out on your adventure.
Your goal is to become the best trainer you can, but also to put a wrench in Team Rocket’s plans and make sure they’re put in their place.
Later, it becomes apparent that Team Rocket is gaining too much power, and the entire fate of Kanlara will rest on your shoulder as you embark on your path towards the final battle, that will decide it all…


Kanlara Adventures: Remastered Features
Physical/Special split
New and original region, story, characters
About 350 or so Pokémon from Gen 1-7 can be caught and battled
Pokémon such as Umbreon and Gengar can be obtained by using an item called the Runic Gem to evolve their pre-evolutions
Moves from Gen 4 + implemented such as X-Scissor and Shift Gear
Modern movelists for ALL Pokémon, based on Gen 7 level up lists
Custom TM list featuring moves such as Swords Dance, Stone Edge and Energy Ball
New move tutors implemented, giving you access to moves such as Ice Punch and Draco Meteor
PokéDex info has been updated for all new Pokémon
A new type, called the Demon type
20 original ‘Demon Pokémon’, 19 of which are obtainable for the player
Updated Gen 4 style sprites for ALL Pokémon
A few original Trainer sprites and OW for key characters



Q: How do I evolve ‘X’ Pokémon?
A: Consult the lists below (to be updated) or ask in the thread.

Pokémon that evolve via the Runic Gem item:
Sneasel -> Weavile
Poliwhirl -> Politoed
Kadabra -> Alakazam
Gurdurr -> Conkeldurr
Boldore -> Gigalith
Magneton -> Magnezone
Haunter -> Gengar
Onix -> Steelix
Phantump -> Trevenant
Lickitung -> Lickilicky
Rhydon -> Rhyperior
Tangela -> Tangrowth
Scyther -> Scizor
Electabuzz -> Electivire
Magmar -> Magmortar
Eevee -> Umbreon
Porygon -> Porygon2
Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z
Doublade -> Aegislash
Togetic -> Togekiss
Aipom -> Ambipom
Yanma -> Yanmega
Murkrow -> Honchkrow
Misdreavus -> Mismagius
Gligar -> Gliscor
Piloswine -> Mamoswine
Skitty -> Delcatty
Nosepass -> Probopass
Feebas -> Milotic
Dusclops -> Dusknoir
Roselia -> Roserade
Kirlia -> Gallade

What is a Demon Pokémon? How are they balanced?
TLDR version: A Demon Pokémon is a Pokémon with above-normal powers, meaning it is stronger than a regular Pokémon, just like how Mega Evolved Pokémon are stronger than regular Pokémon.
They retain the same BST as their regular form, however their stats are shifted around to boost a stat and lower another, they may gain a new ability, they gain the Demon type as one of their types, they gain a special Demon type move. They are not forced upon the player, meaning it is optional to use them, there is also a restriction on how many the player can obtain in any given playthrough.


So, before we get to the good part, I wonder if you ever played the Generation 2 games of Pokémon, Gold/Silver/Crystal? If you did, or if you didn’t but you’ve seen the sprites used, do you like them?
Personally I’m very fond of the Gen 2 sprites, I think they did a great job on those sprites and I prefer a lot of them to some of the new sprites from Gen 3 as well as 4. So I started thinking to myself, how can I get these sprites into my hack?

At some point, the idea of turning these Pokémon with Gen 2 sprites into ‘supernatural’ Pokémon with above-normal power, in a similar fashion to Mega Evolution, appeared in my head. With how vicious some of these Gen 2 sprites tend to look, I thought the idea of a ‘Demonic’ Pokémon would be fitting.
So, I recolored the sprites into a black/gray/white scheme, gave them red eyes, and even added some features such as blood-stained wings and teeth.

Now, the question became, how do we make these Demon Pokémon stronger than regular Pokémon? Because after all, that was the idea. Initially, I just simply gave them more stats. I mean it works for Mega Evolved Pokémon, so why not? However, I gave up on that idea when I realized that it benefited the Demon Pokémon with already high base stats. After all, the player will be forced to battle some Demon Pokémon in their playthrough, so I can’t make them too strong.

Eventually, I settled on the idea of giving them a unique typing ‘Demon’ and making this typing a notch above all the other types. Because a ‘Demon’ type, much like the Fairy type, is sort of, unnatural, compared to the other types such as Water and Fire, it didn’t really seem like randomly making it resist and have weak points to certain types would make a whole lot of sense. Much, like the Fairy type somehow completely negating all Dragon moves doesn’t make much sense… except for balancing purposes but yeah… thematically… maybe not so much…

So, the Demon type ended up resisting every type in the game, except for itself. However this turned out too strong when I was play testing, as my Demon Blastoise appeared to tank almost everything thrown at him. Now, Demon Blastoise is supposed to be tanky, but it felt like he was a bit too tanky. I then decided to make the Demon type only negate 30 % damage when hit by a type other than Demon instead of the usual 50 %.

Now, Demon Pokémon are above regular Pokémon by default simply by the virtue of having the Demon type. Good, but that alone didn’t feel like an impactful enough change. After all, Demon Pokémon are supposed to make you feel powerful, and simply giving them a unique typing wasn’t nearly enough for my satisfaction.

Thus, I ended up shifting their stats around. This way, we make the Pokémon stronger in one area, but at the cost of them becoming weaker in a different area. As an example, let’s take a look at Charizard and Demon Charizard:

Demon Charizard also gains a different ability. This is true for a few other Demons as well. … And yes, this is a Gen 1 Sprite. Sometimes the Gen 1 sprite is more vicious than the Gen 2 in which case I just gotta use it.

Notice anything? Yep, their BST is the same, but their stats are different, which gives them different functions. DCharizard’s much higher Attack makes him more suitable for a physically oriented playstyle, while Charizard remains a better specially oriented attacker.

Additionally, DCharizard gains a different level-up movelist, which further sets him apart from regular Charizard. At the very end of this level-up list, DCharizard learns his special Demon move, which for DCharizard is Hellsweep. This even further sets him apart from both Charizard and other regular Pokémon. Which again, was the whole point. To find a way to make Demon Pokémon stand out as above-normal Pokémon, who are clearly stronger, but also not overbearable to the point you feel like you stand no chance against them.

I don’t like the Demon Pokémon, can I beat the game without using them?

In theory… yes. The game never forces you to use one, and although as explained Demon Pokémon are stronger than regular Pokémon, they still will go down to the correct strategy, such as bringing out something that’s super effective versus their secondary type (Nearly all Demon Pokémon have a secondary type.).

And that is it on the topic of Demon Pokémon for the time being. If you got any questions I’ll be happy to answer.

Type Chart

The gist of it is the Demon type resists all types by 30 %, meaning it takes 70 % from all moves EXCEPT other Demon moves. It also hits nothing for SE and is resisted by nothing. Other than that, the chart is just standard Gen 3 stuff. NOTE: In 10/11 release Demon resistance is nerfed to 20 %.

List of original moves and if they’re Physical or Special
Contains poilers, check at your own discretion.
Demonic Wing – Physical
Demon Pulse – Special (NOTE: No Pokémon can learn this move,
however it may be called by Metronome)
Hellfire – Special
Fish Command – Special
X Ball – Special
Demon Beam – Special
Demon Scythe – Physical
Demon Flight – Physical
Red Button – Special
Demon Drill – Physical
Demon Wrath – Physical
Demon Pump – Special
Hellsweep – Physical
EWGF – Physical
Demon Crunch – Physical
Mega Bolt – Special
Demonicute – Special

– The World Map is a bit confusing, and Flying to Kanja City and Merryfall Town from the other Cities is not possible, this is however ‘band-aid’ fixed with a Pidgeot that will take you between these Cities
– Gen4+ Pokémon use different cries
– Some move effects are not accurate to their ‘real’ counter-part (For example Quiver Dance works like Dragon Dance)
– Although the Daycare is in the game, I have not touched Egg Groups/Moves, meaning you might get weird results from Egg’s so keep that in mind.

Patch notes:

Demon type’s resistance to all types except Demon changed from
30 % to 20 %.


Psycho Cut added to the game.
Flare Blitz added to the game.
D. Pikachu exclusive move ‘Demonicute’ added to the game.

Mega Bolt animation changed from ‘Thunder’ to
‘Volt Tackle’.
Red Button animation changed from ‘Superpower’ to
Coil animation changed to ‘Acid Armor’
Dragon Pulse animation changed to ‘Dragon Rage’

Hellsweep BP changed from 90 to 80
Hellsweep PP changed from 10 to 5

X Ball BP changed from 120 to 110
X Ball PP changed from 5 to 10

EWGF PP changed from 40 to 25
EWGF BP changed from 200 to 160

Quiver Dance effect changed from
‘+1 Sp. Atk, + 1 Sp. Def’ to ‘+1 Attack, +1 Speed’.

Demon Flight changed from
Demon Type to Flying Type.
Base Power changed from 120 to 150.
Can no longer be Protected against.


Gallade added to the game.
Kirlia can now evolve into Gallade with the Runic Gem.
(Still evolves into Gardevoir at lv. 30)
Sableye now has a high chance to hold a ‘Dark Gem’.
Absol’s movelist updated to contain ‘Psycho Cut’.

Movelists for Charizard, D.Charizard, Growlithe, Ponyta,
Rapidash, Flareon, Combusken, Blaziken, Infernape,
Larvesta, Volcarona and Talonflame updated to contain the
move ‘Flare Blitz’.

Icon sprites updated for all Demon Pokemon.
Demon Pikachu added to the game.
Demon Scizor type changed from ‘Demon/Bug’ to ‘Demon/Steel’.

Demon Charizard Base Stats changed.
Attack: 140 to 130
Speed: 90 to 100

Demon Pidgeot Base Stats changed.
Sp. Atk: 20 to 1
Attack: 130 to 145
Speed: 141 to 145

Demon Gengar Base Stats changed
Sp. Atk: 150 to 154
Speed: 154 to 150

Demon Blastoise Base Stats changed
Attack: 63 to 38
Sp. Atk: 75 to 100

Demon Skarmory Base Stats changed
Sp. Atk: 20 to 1
Attack: 60 to 75
Speed: 50 to 54

God Mewtwo Ability changed: From ‘Pressure’ to ‘Clear Body’
God Mewtwo Base Stats changed
Attack: 194 to 184

Title Screen edited.
Added description for Demon Pikachu in the Nahara Town

Bug fixes:
Gust changed from Physical to Special
Scizor can now Demon Ascend into Demon Scizor



Download Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Remastered Completed (10th Nov 2018)
Download Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Completed v1.2 (Old Version)

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