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Pokemon Black Soul

Pokemon Black Soul
Name: Pokemon Black Soul
Created by: Fenrir
Source – Credit on Fenrir’s Youtube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCH31XqwJoMnI61T5v7q8x0Q
Source – Credit on Fenrir’s Twitter Page: twitter.com/Fenrirsoyyo
Pokémon Black Soul is the conjunction of an elaborate story from the Pokémon universe, combining it with the rawness of the real world. This project was started in the form of a hack rom several years ago and was abandoned until now.

In Pokémon Black Soul you will be able to enjoy a new region, Kanjoh, you will be able to see and capture Pokémon of all generations, with new exclusive forms, and you will fight against trainers like any other Pokémon game, but the objective is very different, since You belong to Team Rocket and in this game they are bad, but really bad.

You can steal Pokémon, dock and steal Pokémon Stores. But you can also face Team Rocket if you wish.

You decide your own path in Pokémon Black Soul, this means that every action will have its consequences, and if you want to go against the ideals of Team Rocket you will reach a completely different end than if you become the most evil trainer.

The player starts at the Pokémon Hospital of Metropolis City. He does not remember anything of his past, only that he belongs to Team Rocket and that he has lost all his Pokémon after an accident in his last mission, except for a very special Zangoose shiny.

Giovanni wants his favorite soldier to return to the ring as soon as possible, so he chooses between three clones developed by Team Rocket scientists: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Once the decision is made, he must meet with his companions to resume the mission that failed.

The Pokémon world is in danger, and this time Team Rocket is bad to the core. Your amnesia prevents you from imbuing yourself with the full philosophy of Team Rocket, so as you recover your memory, life will be giving you a second chance to rethink your path. You decide if you want to follow the precepts of Team Rocket, or bite the hand that gave you food.

Pokemon Black Soul

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