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Pokemon Nova Luna

Pokemon Nova Luna
Name: Pokemon Nova Luna [Pc Game]
Create by: Edr_Almeida
Source – Credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=274493

Our hero is a teenager living in the calm Neta Village. Our protagonist isn’t the ordinary teenager though: His dad, a generous man admired by many, is one of the best Pokémon Trainers in the region. He has developed a strong bond with his Pokémon and made his way to the finals of the Pokémon League in the year 2017. He managed to win the tournament, not because of the raw power his Pokémon had, but because of their bond, stronger than diamond. He was The Champion for about a year. In 2018 he had to defend his title in the final of the Pokémon League. To everyone’s surprise, businessman Duncan made it to the final battle. Duncan was known to be a decent Pokémon trainer, but good enough to come this far? The region was excited to see our hero’s dad and Duncan go to the peak of Mount Vibal, Hawk’s Peak, a legendary peak in the Vibal Mountain Range where Pokémon battles have been held for over a decade. Many Trainers became a legend on this peak.

The Lunavi Region, a vast region with many different biomes.

This time, however, is different. Not in the way the battle went, it was very close. Duncan was holding its own against our hero’s dad. No, it was different in the way it ended…

The Lurna Region has changed. All you see is peace, but that is a mere shadow from the truth. Fear, crime, danger: It’s everywhere. Yet you do not see it. No one sees it.

Our hero emerges from the shadows of his or her father when he and Duncan disappear. Travelling through the whole Lunavi Region, our protagonist embarks on a journey. Bigger than he or she would have imagined.

On his adventure, our hero has to find out what in the world happened to his dad and his challenger. Defeat Pokémon Gyms, unravel mysteries and rescue your father. But watch out, as no one knows what awaits in the shadows…

Pokémon Nova Luna has reached the fifth milestone. Version 5 is now available for download.
Pokemon Nova Luna

Download Pokemon Nova Luna V5

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