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Pokemon Legends of the Arena

Pokemon Legends of the Arena
Name: Pokemon Legends of the Arena [Pc Game]
Create by: WackyTurtle

Five years ago the land of Aria was on the brink of a Civil War. A man fighting for a supposedly just cause had divided the population, with some prepared to risk their lives for a greater cause, while others were determined to maintain peace. The cause of this conflict? The International Pokémon Championships.

A tradition for almost thirty years, the IPCs are the most prestigious and widely-known competition for a trainer to prove his worth. Their purpose is to allow anyone the chance for success, for fame, fortune, and honour. Trainers from across the globe come to participate in the annual tradition. Stars have risen and fallen solely on their reputation as a competitive trainer. Yet the IPC’s tolerant attitude to its participants was a double-edged sword, as they learnt with the troublesome Bryce, and only through luck did the country avoid societal collapse.

Flash forward five years, and an ambitious young man is applying for the championships with his brother. The Plazadown Qualifiers are imminent, and he’s decided to try his luck. He knows it’ll be challenging, but it’s a challenge he’s willing to take, and along with the support of his brother nothing can stop them.

Although it should be said that neither of these young heroes have quite grasped the concept that there can only be one winner…


This game essentially mixes some of the best elements of Pokémon Colosseum and the core games, as it allows the player to traverse wild grass and routes – but instead of gyms there are championship battles, similar to that of Colosseum. Yet don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all borrowed from the actual Pokémon games, as Legends of the Arena takes on a more traditional RPG structure, with chapters and unique storylines and side quests exclusive to a particular area.

The chapters will be as follows;
Plazadown City – the qualifying rounds in your character’s home city.
Maple Town – a lakeside town for the elderly, with a big manor and gardens nearby.
Ironside Village – a storm-drenched fishing village, with a lighthouse high up on the cliffs. A very plot-driven chapter.
Taproot Town – an oasis in a sparse desert, with some ruins nearby which simply demand to be explored.
Salt Spray City – a modern portside town, famous for its underwater nightclub.
Sunstone Village – a tropical island off the coast of the continent, overlooked by a dormant volcano.
Glacier Town – a desolate industrial area in the North, snowed in by a blizzard.
A scientific institute situated in a supposedly haunted forest. Be careful not to get lost on the way…
The final – and longest – chapter, situated in the huge city where the Capitol resides. The finals take place here.

Other notable features include;
Seven Eevee-based starters to choose from, determined by a personality quiz at the start of the game.
Key characters (including yourself) have face sets when they talk.
Side quests. Also, most – if not all – of the legendaries are available and will have their own side quests/dungeons to find them.
Healing stations situated in the middle of routes to prevent Pokémon Centre irritations.
Some recognisable faces return, including (my favourite) Miror B.
There’s a talking Slowking working at a travelling circus. Seriously.
Items are now found in Colosseum-style item boxes. It’s exciting to me, alright…

Pokemon Legends of the Arena

Download Pokemon Legends of the Arena Beta 1.1

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