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Pokemon Altered Emerald

Pokemon Altered Emerald
Name: Pokemon Altered Emerald
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Luuma
source- credit:pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=386229

Formerly known as Pokemon Emerald 2. Since release, though, the game’s been almost completely overhauled from start to finish : )

What happens when you take (almost) every move and ability from gen 1 to 7, add some new ones to the mix, and then cram them into just 386 Pokémon?
You get a level of meta diversity the main games could only dream of. Over half the abilities are signature abilities, and moves are no different! You can catch all your favourites here, and you’ll find them stronger and more defined than ever before.

On top of that, I’ve rebalanced and re-teamed the trainers and gym leaders, then freshened up every route in Hoenn and added five new ones. And I love the puzzles: they’re optional, fair, and absolutely devilish.

On with the show!
Dizzy Egg’s/Chacha Dinosaur’s emerald battle engine: most moves, many items, and all types, phys/spec split, abilities, capture xp, and all abilities (especially the cool ones) up to generation 7 are in the game
The palette has been made more vibrant All routes have been remodeled, some islands have been added in the sea, victory road is completely new and exciting, and 5 new (fully optional) routes have been added: a canyon, a haunted house, an extension to route 119’s river, a snowy mountain, and a mine.
So many quality of life changes!
Fly to routes
Access Pokémarts downstairs in all Pokémon Centres
Use Nature Power as a replacement for all of Strength, Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Waterfall, and Dive, or just use the old HMs as usual
Evolve your team into all their later generation evolutions
Evolve trade evos that require items by just levelling them up while holding that item, and evolve all other trade evos at lv36 (or evolve gengar by happiness at night)
Reuse tms and move tutors as much as you want
Shiny rate doubled to match later generations
Run indoors
Delete all HMs
Use the updated repel system,
Access all the secret base items,
A few storyline rewrites (the Magma Base is now an enjoyable little sneaking mission where you have to avoid getting seen. )
An ability switcher in Mauville
An egg hatcher in verdanturf
An IV checker and perfecter in the Battle Frontier (with the option to give you 0 base speed of course)
Optional patch with cheesy joke dex entries
Optional patch with 20 more type changes
And even more QOL improvements!

The Hoenn dex mode has been fully reordered to roughly match the order in which mons can be obtained!
New typings!
Banette is ghost/normal,
Parasect is ghost/grass,
Marowak is Ground/Ghost
Masquerain is water/bug,
Celebi is grass/fairy,
Probopass is rock/elec
And an optional patch with 20 more, as per some requests
New Learnsets
New abilities

417 pokémon are available, all of which have been tinkered, polished, dusted off and enhanced. All of them are really cool to use, and I’ve tried them all. Highlights include:
Disguise Sudowoodo complete with a form change
Shields Down Golem complete with a form change
Ghost/Grass horror tank Parasect with 140 sDef, spore and nightmare
Spinda with Dancer and every “Dance” move in the game
Grass/Fight Grovyle and Sceptile with Defiant, Forest Curse, Mat Block, Low Sweep, and Sacred Sword
Corsola lowers Sp.Def but sharply raises Def when hit by Physical moves, and lowers Def but sharply raises Sp.Def when hit by Special moves. Or gets regenerator
Levitate Electrode as the only thing that learns Electro Ball
Porygon/Porygon2 that changes from one to the other every level
Ariados with a learnset based round toxic thread (now badly poisons and halves speed), baneful bunker, venom drench, and venoshock and access to electroweb and psychic fangs
Beedrill with Merciless and 40 (x2) base power Twineedle with 40% chance to poison each hit.
Innards Out Poliwag line (and drizzle for politoed of course)
Victory Star Starmie with Laser Focus and Prismatic Laser
Soul-Heart Luvdisc with huge defensive power
Pixilate/intimidate Snubbull (available on route 101)
Reckless Tauros with Head Charge
Tentacool line with Tangling Hair or water bubble
Moody Sunkern with seed bomb by lv19, gets Weather Ball, Synthesis and Solarbeam, and evolves into Drought Sunflora.
Hoppip line without offensive moves til it’s Jumpluff but with stunning support ones all along, and also symbiosis then Prankster (or Fluffy)
Queenly Majesty Nidoqueen and King’s Shield Nidoking, or if you don’t like that you can have them with Poison Touch
not to mention Flame Body now offering Typhlosion a 30% chance for its own contact moves to cause burns.
Schooling Exeggcute lmao
Feraligatr with bite moves causing critical hits every time
Pidgeotto has Delta Stream or No Guard
Girafarig turns every battle it’s involved in into an Inverse battle.
Lunatone sets Gravity on switching in,
And more. Loads more!
New difficulty curve! All wild encounters are at roughly the level your team should be at, so switching Pokémon in and out is really easy and rewarding. XP yields are slightly lower early on to compensate for this, which means Nuzlockes are hopefully relatively more challenging than usual.
New Trainer fights for many trainers (and all the important characters) especially later in the game. Expect to get danced over by Tate & Liza, sharked by Archie, rused by Sidney, and completely rinsed by Wallace, whose battle takes place in semi-permanent rain

New TMs!
Anything not listed here is in the same location as before.
TM04 Calm Mind on route 135
TM05 Aromatherapy (route 117),
TM08 Bulk Up surfing from Dewford Town.
TM09 Grass Knot directly outside petalburg woods from a guy
TM12 Taunt in Slateport Museum
TM14 Blizzard in snowy route 115
TM15 Hyper Beam and TM17 Protect cost more but still a one off purchase from Lilycove Department Store
TM16 Light Screen and TM33 Reflect from Tate and Liza
TM20 Safeguard on Mt Pyre
TM21 Spikes (route 113),
TM25 Thunder from route 120
TM27 from the Game Corner
TM28 Sand Tomb (south of route 106)
TM29 at entrance to victory road
TM32 Pain Split (Strength puzzle route 112),
TM34 Thunder Wave (Wattson)
TM36 Flamethrower from Prof Cozmo
TM40 Disarm (Winona)
TM41 Feint Attack (Digger’s house outside Fallarbor)
TM43 Nature Power is in route 111 from the Secret Power guy, and it can be used in the place of ALL overworld HMs.
TM45 Gravity (Pa’I canyon, try retracing every warp you have in the puzzle)
TM46 from the Trick Master (fourth time or so)
TM47 Metallurgy (Steven in Granite Cave),
TM48 from Slateport contest hall
TM49 Snatch from beating or catching the Ariados in Fray Manor

New move tutors!
Flower Guard (route 117),
Swords Dance (route 123)
Revel Dance (victory Road),
Roar (route 114)
Echoed Voice (route 114)
Zap Cannon (the new mine route, 135 )
Stored Power (Sootopolis)
Copycat (lavaridge)
Metronome (still Fallarbor)
Reflect Type (Mossdeep)
Dream Eater/Psych Up/Trick/Icy Wind/Foul Play/Endeavor/Elemental Punches (Battle frontier tutor)
Volt Switch (New Mauville),
Will-O-Wisp (Mt. Pyre peak)
Substitute (lilycove still)
Drain Punch (Mossdeep from Route 126)
Rollout (Mauville still)
Swagger (Still Slateport)
Sleep Talk (Fortree)
Trick Room (Fray Manor)
Sticky Web (Verdanturf)
Wish (Forest rapids left of route 118)
and the secret single-use only tutor of Sketch (Battle Frontier).

New items!
New battle engine, moves, and abilities!

What’s this Devon scope and where do I get it??
It’s given to you on a bridge on route 120.

What’s going on with this item ball in a tricky puzzle location!?
Check “Secret Stuff”

Why isn’t Grovyle a dragon!?
I mean while it’d make it “better” in the sense that it’ll be stronger, it is also weird as hell. if you have any type change requests please use pge, I gave you the .ini file to make it work

Team Recommendations:
If your team seems samey, flesh it out with one or two of these for some variety:

Baton Passer (Aipom, mawile, Ledian, Furret, Ninjask, plusle/minun) or Stat boost guy (Illumise, Volbeat, Omanyte, Clefable, Shedinja, Claydol)
Tank (Shroomish, Sudowoodo, Parasect, pain splitters like misdreavus, or anything with a huge defense stat like Torkoal or Chimecho)
Fast High Attack Thing just to beat wild mons easily (dodrio, fearow, mankey, electrike, vulpix)
Terrain/Weather User (Sandshrew, Larvitar, Swinub, Politoed/Pelipper, Sunflora/Torkoal, Chinchou/ Magneton, Chikorita, Stantler, Swablu) This game really rewards you for using weather, not just for rain and sun but for Hail and Sand too. Hail now boosts ice type defense by 1.5x.
Any aromatherapy user. There’s too many things with access to tm05 Aromatherapy to list, but also stuff with Milk drink or Softboiled (miltank, cacturne, Chansey) is really cool.

Really fun team: Aipom, Geodude, Pikachu, Sunkern, Illumise, Nidoqueen
You could also pick all 3 Pokémon with Dancer (grumpig, Spinda, Ludicolo)

Fun monotype runs:
Grass (parasect, treecko, sunkern, hoppip, Roselia, shroomish, Lileep, Cacnea, )
Normal (proygon granbull pidgeot togepi ratatta zigzagoon furret)
Psychic (grumpig girafarig lunatone claydol illumise and hypno)
Electric (chinchou core, Mareep, Pikachu, Static in general)
Ice (hail team with Swinub and Seel core)
Bug (Shuckle!! Altering cave mon, Spinarak, Ledyba, beedrill)
Poison (Nidorina core. Poison types now take 25% less damage from poisoned foes too, so toxic spikes in a poison monotype is great)

Known Bugs:
-latios roams forever
-Breeding is not updated to new mechanics. Everstone nature passing still works, and there is an IV perfecter and an ability switcher, but no destiny knot stuff
-Battle Pyramid currently unavailable

Lengthy fixes
-Contests are removed
-some moves have the same animations as others

Double edged sword of using an incredible yet complex battle engine:
-fan favourite: capture exp doesn’t trigger evolution
-Battle text boxes are inaccurate e.g. there is no message for Misty Terrain blocking sleep, playing on battle style Shift sometimes announces all pokémon as if they’re owned by the wrong people when sent out, defog and charge say the move name as their stat change.
-acid spray causes some of my favourite visual bugs in double battles
-Some status applying features (like synchronise or toxic orb) go through some immunities (fixed partially relative to the base engine)
-Steven appears as the player sprite for like 2 seconds when fighting Maxie in Mossdeep Space Centre

15 aug: 3.7c:
fixed pound, karate chop, drain kiss, parabolic charge, double slap and drain punch having scrambled animations

15 aug: 3.7b
-yet more routes are now available to fly to: route 127, route 103, route 131
-remodeled route 103 west side.
-regis now tell you that altering cave alters when you beat them/catch them
-tweaked magma hideout to have fewer wild encounters, and made sneaking around easier.

-lowered some high leveled wild mons in meteor falls
-fixed visual bugs in dewford, altering cave, and route 127
-removed access to what should have been an inaccessible location in petalburg woods

14 august: 3.07
Tate and liza now make note if you haven’t explored much of the sea before fighting them
Move tutors have exclamation mark posts next to them
You can fly to even more sea routes now

-fixes grass and bug type drain moves dealing type effectiveness twice
—- be aware that old save files will find some moves have swapped places
-fixes text for duplicate versions of Sky Drop
-fixes tar pit bug (if that was released, may have been confined to a playlets version)
-fixes all remaining floating back sprites
-fixes about 50 different decapitalization errors
-fixes lv50 in the battle factory being inaccessible
-fixes the occasional weird textbox or move description
-fixes a bug with the dolls in the rival’s room
-moves a couple items to different spots
-howl no longer listed as special
-fixed all reported invisible walls and some unreported ones
-fixed other issues like certain trainers in victory road who were short sighted
-fixes surf pausing all nearby movement
-fixes unavailable wish piece and oddity with jirachi
-fixes surf mons appearing atop a bridge in victory road
-fixes a visual bug route 129 island
-fixes some invisible walls

-buffs celebi and jirachi
-mew no longer has transform when you fight it
-deoxys now fought at lv50
-exeggcute now medium exp group with access to psywave to cope with early levels
-beedrill gets toxic spikes earlier
-poochyena gets bite much earlier
-munchlax now starts off with higher happiness
-nature power moves now include shadow ball in caves, magical leaf in normal grass, energy ball in tall grass
-rebalances later trainers a little (Archie now easier, Tate/liza now easier, Juan now slightly harder)
-lowers levels of later wild mons to match that of a standard team

-Added a preliminary list of hold item locations.
—be aware this patch moves some items round
-adds leftovers to route 124 via dive
-adds another dusk stone via surf near fray manor
-captain stern now gives both deepseatooth and scale
-added choice band route 119 in place of duplicate focus band
-added choice specs in safari zone in place of duplicate eviolite
-removed some other duplicate items

11 August: 3.06b
-fixes some invisible walls in mossdeep
-fixes an issue with Scott
-text fixes
-you can fly to a few more routes now (route 105, 124, 125. Additionally, onto the top of sootopolis volcano after beating the elite 4)
-fixes doors in sootopolis appearing in weird locations during an event
-minor fixes to some trainers

10 august 3.06
-rival music now always plays correctly
-minor text fixes to Briney and Hydrolyze
-minor remodel on route 109
-fixed a missing hidden item route 114 dive
-replaced battle pyramid with an npc explaining the error rather than sending you through to a black screen as if this is perfectly chill

-all draining moves now behave correctly against ghost types etc.
-fixed Scott and Wally in mauville
-fixed a guy on route 135 that could be talked to if you timed it just right
-fixed roof of petalburg poke mart looking a little odd
-this patch can probably be applied over previous patch with no repercussions at all

3 aug: 3.05

-Nature power can now officially function as Cut/Surf/Waterfall/Dive/Rock Smash/Strength. Also acts a Secret Power. Learned by:
Level up: Lotad, seedot, linoone, pelipper, gardevoir, kecleon, quagsire
breeding: Tangela, sunkern, tropius, chikorita
By tm43: Bulbasaur, raticate, pidgeot, nidos, igglybuff, cleffa, persian, eevee, venomoth, geodude, farfetchd, gengar, Poliwag, lapras, oddish, tauros, Kabutops, Omastar, Staryu, golduck, exeggutor, horsea, Tangela, staryu, electabuzz, moltres, zapdos, articuno, dratini, snorlax, mew, Chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile, furret, togepi, marill, hoppip, wooper, dunsparce, snubbull, qwilfish, teddiursa, shuckle, phanpy, smeargle, corsola, miltank, enter, raikou, suicune, lugia, tyranitar, treecko, mudkip, beautifly, pelipper, mightyena, Lotad, seedot, ralts, shroomish, Linoone, slaking, aron, budew, relicanth, spinda, barboach, corphish, altaria, flygon, Tropius, castform, spheal, Huntail, Cradily, Armaldo, relicanth, bagon, kyogre, groudon, rayquay, latias, latios

-added a new item called the weather rock that has the effect of heat/damp/icy/smooth rock combined (held by gift castform and bought in battle frontier for cash)
-put another razor fang in on route 111 behind the winstrate house
-mystic water now hidden item by the lakes on route 114
-dragon scale added to meteor falls (some remodelling to accommodate for it, too)
-metal coat added in new mauville and on numerous steel types as a hold item
-pp restoring items are now pretty common in pokemon centres, replacing awakenings and escape ropes.

-removed ice’s immunity to water in all cases
-added more changes to the type change patch

-ralts/natu/poochyena now evolve at their regular levels, as does every other mon in the game.
-scyther/onix/seadra now evolve by levelling with their respective evolving items
-added movepool changes to other gen starters so they can be used as starters in a fan patch

-rebalanced weavile, mamoswine, magnezone, and Lanturn
-marowak now Ground/Ghost (still learns Shadow :b: one)
-hefty buffs to butterfree, beautifly, dustox, beedrill, zangoose, seviper, electrode, minun, plusle, ddugtrio, porygon line, tangela line, farfetch’d, lickitung, eeveelutions, exeggutor, cacturne (now 110 base def), Dewgong (now 120 base hp), Elekid line (now gets electric terrain) and other weak mons I probably forgot to list
-final stage starters now get the elemental hyper beams via move relearner
-blink strike now 40 power
-overload now 20×3 power, with 30% chance to lower sdef each hit
-gear up/magnetic flux now additionally raises speed of those it targets
-extended the learnset of almost pokemon obtainable at lv50 or above (now continue to learn moves up to lv60)
-included in these new moves are Diamond Storm for sableye, and Light Of Ruin for Altaria
-manectric/electrike now get lightning rod rather than static

-fixes dunsparce Literally Being Mega Dunsparce
-fixed regigigas appearing in Shoal Race Basement rather than Weavile
-fixed the pomeg glitch
-fixed battle engine’s errors with blizzard, psychic terrain, recover, and recharge moves
-burn now does 1/16 per turn
-think the issues with items not getting returned are generally more fixed, but moves like Transform can confuse the game
-frost nova renamed to snap freeze and now functions as intended, having priority but leaving target with 1hp
-fixed some incorrect move descriptions
-removed poison hurting in overworld patch
-tweaks to route 111 to make it seem less like a permanent trap if you’re bad at the mach bike

-fixed some missing move animations
-guy on route 111 now makes note of the new nature power effect
-updated all references to tm secret power to be about Nature Power
-updated nature power’s move text
-dive no longer has a message associated with it
-other minor text cleanup stuff e.g diver now seems less like an important npc and more like a tutorial
-fixed a signpost
-fixed strength hm still showing as steel type sprite
-battle frontier things no longer require saving the game (the save files this was producing had cleared pokedex data for some reason, so now you can SR battle frontier in game even without an emulator!)
-also removed the “rest” option in all cases for the same reason
-you can no longer select the rest option in the battle frontier since this literally did nothing helpful and occasionally caused bugs
-fixed being able to use the may event from under a bridge
-fixed some invisible walls on route 117, pai canyon

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s completed.

Pokemon Altered Emerald

Pokemon Altered Emerald – All Pokemon Locations
Download Pokemon Altered Emerald Completed v3.7c

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—

Download Pokemon Altered Emerald Completed v3.7c CIA

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