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Pokemon Dark Realm

Name: Pokemon Dark Realm
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: duchuy
Source: Click here!
Duchuy’s Channel: Click here!

That was what X Company called their new game, fresh in development, to be released in the late 22th century. The game was made to stimulate your neurons directly as to give you, the player, the best and most realistic experience a game could give you.
But something went wrong …
One day, a normal day, the kind of day you don’t expect anything strange to happen, you went to class.
Everything was normal, until you got lost, in the “Pokemon” world.
– That’s where our story begins.
The only thing you want is to escape this strange new world, but the longer you stay, the more you get immersed in the story.
You will meet many legendary Pokemon in human form, get to know a lot of stories that were never spoken about, be the owner of a monster from the Dark, and finally become a hero against all odds.
We’ll lose all hope and try to forget the pain of the past and carry on in the future, hoping that one day, when the game is gone, everything will be over.
But memories never truly go away …

• Story splitting
– Depending on which gender you choose in the beta 3, the story splits. If you play as male, you can go to Sky Island and catch Shaymin. If you choose female, you can go to Atlantis and catch Latias.

• Transparent Textbox
– with an ON/OFF option.

• Reusable TMs,
– All TMs are reusable, they stored in an Ancient Lanturn. I have put a note where to find them in a txt file within the games files.

• Name Rater, Move Deleter, and Move Relearner
– will be available in every Pokemon Center. the Move Relearner will teach your pokemon for free!

• Mini safari
– A place for catching rare pokemon, as well as grinding your level, Every mini safari now has a free healing spot.

• Others
– Mugshots for important characters.
– Running inside enabled.
– New legends: Rivengon and Leon.
– Mega Evolution. (outside​ of battle)
– Ingame Cheats. (in progress)
– Many mini games: Follow the Pikachu (Closed for now), Feeding Bunnelby Carrots, Racing (in progress), Dino Cave, Game Center, Safari is now Jurassic Park.
– Bank System.
– Tower 100: A tower of 100 levels.
– Mini battle Towers.
– Shiny Pokemon are easier to find!
– Adoption Center. (Maybe in upcoming Beta)
– BW/BW2 Repel System.
– Generation 1-6 Pokemon.
– TMs Destiny S, Payday, and Headbutt are usable on all Pokemon.

~ Pokemon data + Evolution totally edited

• Buneary to Lopunny at level 31
• Duskull to Dusclops at level 30
• Duskclops to Dusknoir at level 45
• Eevee to Espeon by Sun stone
• Eevee to Umbreon by Moon Stone
• Electabuzz to Electivire at level 45
• Gligar to Gliscor at level 45
• Goldbat to Crobat at level 40
• Graveler to Golem at level 40
• Haunter to Gengar at level 37
• Kadabra to Alakazam at level 40
• Kirlia to Gallade by Dawn Stone
• Kyurem to Kyurem-S by Mystic Stone
• Kyurem-S to Kyurem by Mystic Stone
• Larvesta to Volvarona at level 36
• Machoke to Machamp at level 40
• Magmar to Magmotar at level 46
• Magneton to Magnezone at level 40
• Minccino to Cinccino by Moon stone
• Onix to Steelix at level 40
• Piloswine to Mamoswine at level 45
• Porygon to Porygon2 at level 26
• Porygon2 to Poryzon-Z at level 40
• Riolu to Lucario at level 24
• Roselia to Roserade by Shiny Stone
• Scyther to Scizor by Dawn Stone
• Scizor to Scyther by Dawn Stone
• Shaymin-L to Shaymin-S by Mystic Stone
• Shaymin-S to Shaymin-L by Mystic stone
• Togepi to Togetic at level 22
• Togetic to Togekiss by Shiny Stone

What’s new in Beta 3.0: Main Region Completed

– Flash now is Electric type, 60 base dame
– Cut now is Grass type, 60 base dame
– There is one Falseswipe TM that every pokemon can learn
– There is one Headbutt TM that every pokemon can learn too
– Spore and one Ultimate power move is available with ingame cheat
– Heartscale now is 5000pokedolar, every Fossil cost 9800, power boost item price increased too

Note2: You can use your old save file!

Just make sure save your game in any Pc exept Moon Village

Pokemon Dark Realm

Download Pokemon Dark Realm Beta 3 [Main Story is Completed]

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