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Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia
Name: Pokemon Gaia
Remake From: Pokemon FireRed
Remake by: Spherical Ice.
Source: Click here!
Discord’s Pokemon Gaia: Click here!

The storied Orbtus region was once populated by a prosperous civilization. They created several monuments to their gods and guardians. Their untimely demise was brought about by a series of disastrous earthquakes; all that remains of their society are their temples, idols and story, as relics of the past.
In the present day, local archaeologist and Pokémon Professor, Professor Redwood, has noticed an increase in the region’s seismic activity. Propelled by a growing concern for Orbtus’ safety, he seeks the assistance of new Pokémon Trainers with a flair for adventure in the rural Celanto Town, a seaside town near the mysterious Totem Poles, and your home! Will you, along with the help of the Professor and your rival, be able to prevent the earth from consuming the region once more?

The Physical / Special / Status split
Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos
New moves and updated move sets, accurate to OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, and with working effects and animations
Modern competitive items like the Choice Specs, Assault Vest, Ability Pill, and more
Modern abilities, ranging from Mega Launcher to Sheer Force
An in-battle Mega Evolution system, with Mega Stones hidden throughout the region
Fairy-type and the new type chart
Updated Pokémon sprites
Updated Trainer sprites and accurate over world sprites
Original songs, like Windmist City’s theme and the battle music for the Elder Knights
Rock Climb and climbable walls
Dive and underwater maps, fully ported from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
Hidden Grottoes and Secret Temples, which reward exploration with rare items and Pokémon with unique move sets
The Bug-Catching Contest
The Battle Marsh, a Battle Maison-esque facility
Sideways stairs
Various quality of life changes:
The player faces Trainers before battles
Running Shoes can be used indoors
Pokémon, item, location, etc. names are in title case
A bonus Premier Ball is given for every purchase of ten or more Poké Balls
Repellents give reuse prompts upon expiration
Experience Points are gained upon Pokémon capture
Technical Machine items are reusable
Field moves have faster animations

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I reuse my save from previous versions of Gaia for v3?
-> No. Unfortunately, creative decisions mean that saves from previous versions of Gaia will not be compatible with v3. You will have to start over.
What about my save from v3? Will I be able to use that in future releases?
-> Yes, forwards-compatibility is planned for saves from v3.
Can I capture every Pokémon?
-> No. The first 721 Pokémon, including formes and Mega Evolutions, are in the game’s code, but only a fraction of those will actually be obtainable.
Will there ever be any Alola Pokémon in Gaia?
-> There are not any in v3, but it is possible some may appear in the postgame in future releases.
Will you be re-adding the multiplayer / link battle capabilities?
-> For now, no.
I’ve found a bug! What do I do now?
-> First, make sure it’s not already listed in the README.txt file. If it isn’t, check the #known-bugs channel in the Discord server (see my signature). If it’s not there, either, then either submit a post in this thread, or in the #bug-reports channel.
When will v4.0 come out?
-> I don’t know!
I can’t find a feature listed above in my game. Why is that?
-> First, make sure you’re playing the most recent release. Otherwise, it’s possible that feature is only in an unreleased future version.
Where is the Move Deleter?
-> The Move Deleter is in Nestpine Town.
Where is the Move Relearner?
-> The Move Relearner is in Precimos Island.
Is there an official list of where to find certain Pokémon, items or Mega Stones?
-> See the Locations and Info section below.
How does this Pokémon evolve?
-> See the Locations and Info section below.

========================== KNOWN BUGS ==========================
Please refer to the Discord server for an up-to-date list of known bugs, in the
#known-bugs channel.

• Volt Switch and U-turn’s effects aren’t correct:
– the user will be prompted to switch Pokémon even when the use of
the attack fainted the enemy’s final Pokémon
– switching works even against Pokémon immune to the move

• Stockpile, Swallow and Spit Up do not incorporate the temporary,
defensive buffs

• No Guard lets moves erroneously bypass Protect moves

• Mega Evolution has several bugs or incomplete effects:
– after battling an enemy Mega, the Lv icon may disappear from the
next battle
– some abilities (e.g. Intimidate) do not activate upon Mega Evolution, or
activate at the wrong time, and may cause bugged messages

• The swiping Poké Ball battle transition animation will display incorrect
colours on certain maps

• The Hall of Fame displays certain, newer Pokémon (Mantyke and up) as
different Pokémon

• Spinda’s outline will use the incorrect colours on certain patterns

• Certain locations, such as Apex Temple and Sabulo Tower, have inaccurate
eye catches

• [STORY SPOILER] Rival Coulter’s Surfing Pokémon disappears after the battle
with him in Victory Falls

• The credits use unchanged sprites of Red, Leaf and Green instead of Terra,
Gaia and Coulter, respectively

• Draining moves (e.g. Drain Punch) and the Life Orb can leave a Pokémon alive
with 0HP

• Semi-invulnerable states (e.g. Fly, Dive) in battle may still be hit by
certain moves (e.g. Ice Beam). More information needed.

• Pokémon with the Aftermath ability, when fainting from confusion damage, may
cause the game to freeze

• [STORY SPOILER] The “Caught” Pokédex flags for Regirock, Regice and Registeel
will erroneously display as Caught after the Ignis Catacombs events

• Weather moves like Sunny Day do not have an updated effect, and so last

• The Knock Off power boost still applies to Pokémon holding their Mega Stone,
despite the item not being lost

• Acupressure does not display the stat raise animations

• Flame Burst does not deal secondary damage to neighbouring targets

• Dive does not show up in the Pokémon menu as a field move

• Mummy infects on the first-turn of two-turn contact moves such as Fly or Dive

• Stance Change can be Trace’d, Role Play’d or Skill Swap’d (but will not have
any effect on Pokémon which are not Aegislash)

• Consumable items will not be restored after every battle in the Battle Marsh
– they will, however, be restored when you leave the challenge (whether by
retiring, fainting or winning)

• Marsh Boss Shinoya’s over world sprites do not match her Trainer sprite

Changelog v3.2:
v3.2 is a bugfix update for v3. Saves from v3.0 and v3.1 ARE compatible with v3.2. However, as with v3.0, saves from versions v2.5 or before of Gaia are NOT compatible with v3.2.

Release date: 8th November, 2018
Rename Edamist Steppes to Edamist Heights to better reflect its geography
Change the road block in Aerous Road
• As some Trainers are available earlier, Fernando’s Pokémon have been raised a few levels
• Similarly, the wilds in Aerous Road are slightly lower
• The first two Trainers in Aerous Road are also slightly lower
• The Super Potion in the bare spot of grass is now a Potion
• The Painter in Aerous Road also shows up in the queue and indoors of the Aerous Art Club
Change the New Elders encounter in Frostbite Cave to be less of an ambush
• The player is not forced directly into battles with the Grunt and Elder Knight Eunice
• The battles are instead initiated when the player tries to talk to Eunice or walk past her
• Some of the dialog was rewritten
• The map was made slightly smaller to make it clearer that this is the exit of Frostbite Cave
Change the Braille puzzle’s hint in Ferre Ruins to be less cryptic
Change the events in Precimos Island so it is (hopefully) more clear where to go after defeating the Gym
Make Hidden Power display its type for the Pokémon it is being taught to, or known by
Fix the combination lock input box occasionally showing up to 7 digits, when only 4 are needed
Fix the impassible tiles outside of Redwood’s house in Archan Town
Fix Cranidos’ evolution method, so it actually evolves into Rampardos
Fix Pokémon with inconsistent level-up rates, which causes them to gain levels upon evolution
• Porygon-Z
• Greninja
Fix Rotom’s compatibility with TM34, Shock Wave
Fix Bisharp’s compatibility with Sucker Punch from the Green Shard Meister
Fix Maractus’ incorrect weight
Fix Mienshao’s Ability order so that Mienfoo does not swap its Ability when evolving
Fix the reflection tile errors in Cosmic Caverns
Fix the reflection tile errors in Nestpine Town
Fix a plethora of bugged icon sprites
Give the Pokémon with no Ability the following Abilities:
• Mega Glalie: Refrigerate
• Mega Ampharos: Lightningrod
Make the textboxes of Coulter and Prof. Redwood actually disappear after they are finished speaking in Redwood’s house
Fix the text colour inconsistencies with the Diving Tour lady’s dialog in the cutscene in Precimos Depths
Fix Coulter’s Surfing Pokémon blob still showing up in Precimos Depths after the cutscene takes place
Fix the Escape Rope’s warp location for Wisp Forest and Rimewood Forest
Fix the border error in Nestpine Climb
Fix Empoleon’s EXP yield
Fix the persistent money HUD after refusing to sell anything to the Relic Collector in the Precimos Hotel
Fix the palette for HM01 Cut to match its Bug-type
Fix the missing TM/HM compatibility for the following Pokémon’s female forms:
• Frillish
• Jellicent
• Pyroar
Fix the incorrect battle background in the Telmurk City house where the Mightyena Thug is battled
Fix the incorrect script assigned to the right statue in the Nestpine Gym
Fix some tiles in Cosmic Caverns not spawning wild Pokémon
Fix Hidden Power’s text description
Fix Boomburst making contact
Fix Ace Trainer Arnie’s incorrect encounter music in Victory Falls
Fix Deoxys’ overworld sprite not disappearing
Fix Crunch’s description implying it lowers the foe’s Sp. Def, when it only lowers Defense
Fix some tiles in Ignis Catacombs which display incorrectly when the fog weather effect is active
Fix Eevee and Flareon’s erroneous compatibility with TM18 Aurora Beam
Fix the movement permission errors in Telmurk Swamp
Move Ace Trainer Elnora so she challenges the player regardless of the direction she is facing in Ikos Canyon
Fix some tiles in Cosmic Cavern which are not covered by the player
Fix Beheeyem’s catch rate of 0
Fix Pidgey and Zubat’s erroneously high experience yields
Fix Grass Knot’s base power displaying at 20 when it should be —
Fix Leafeon’s bugged Pokédex entry string
Fix the Snover and Budew evolution lines’ incompatibilities with TM09, Energy Ball
Fix Sgt. Stone giving out Venusaurite when shown a Blastoise
Fix Pidgeotite being unobtainable [N.B. Players who already picked up a Pidgeotite will be able to pick it up again now]
Fix the Cut trees in Sabulo Cross appearing hidden when the route is entered via Sabulo Island
Fix some tiles in Valoon Way which are erroneously covered by the player
[STORY SPOILER] Fix the errors caused by the player being on their Bicycle when activating the New Elders event in Sabulo Island
Fix Roserade’s inability to re-learn Weather Ball from Mrs. Move

v3.0 Release date: 14th October, 2018

v3.0 ends after the credits roll, and so includes all eight Gyms, and the
Elite Four and Champion battles.

Saves from previous versions of Gaia (v2.5 or before) are NOT compatible
with v3.0.

There is a planned v4.0, which will include the postgame for Gaia. Saves
from v3.0 are planned to be forwards-compatible with v4.0.

====================== LOCATIONS AND INFO ======================
Beware, spoilers!
• Pokémon locations: http://bit.ly/GaiaPokemonLocations
• Also includes the list of unobtainable Pokémon
• Item locations: http://bit.ly/GaiaItemLocations
• Also includes Mega Stone locations and TM/HM locations
• Changed evolution methods: http://bit.ly/GaiaEvolutionMethods
• Shard Move Tutor moves: http://bit.ly/GaiaMoveTutors

Pokemon Gaia

Cheat Codes:
Cheat Codes for Pokemon Gaia
Download Pokemon Gaia Beta v3.2 [Main Story is Completed]

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Gaia Beta v3.2 CIA [Main Story is Completed]

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